Principal’s Message


  Hello Families and Friends of St. Francis of Assisi School,

What an honor it is for me to have been chosen to help guide this devout and joyous Catholic community of learners.  The great Saints and Fathers of the Church understood and taught that true education can never be separated from the spiritual life, and that is so true.  Everything we do at  St. Francis is infused with love of God, love of Our Lady and love of the Catholic Church.  Throughout the curriculum, our students learn and practice Catholic values stemming from the virtues of justice, temperance, fortitude, and patience.  These virtues, acquired at a young age, will serve them well throughout their lives.

All of us here – teachers, staff, and students – are truly blessed, particularly because the school day begins in the best way possible; with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, being offered by our dedicated pastor, Father Statz. Apart from faith formation and an emphasis on excellence in academics, we also have a variety of enjoyable and enriching activities which stimulate a child’s natural affinity for creative expression in art, music, physical fitness, reading, languages and more.

The Church teaches that parents play a vital role in being the primary educators of children, and they are indispensable in aiding teachers in their challenging work.  I welcome parent involvement in all aspects of their children’s experience at the school. As principal, my mission is to ensure a safe and happy learning environment for our young people and I look forward to getting to know every student and parent.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.

God bless you and your loved ones,

Steve O’Brien

Dr. O’Brien grew up in Boston and holds a B.A. from Bridgewater State University, an M.A. from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. from Boston College, where he specialized in American Catholic History.  He has taught History, Government, Writing, Art, Film and other subjects at the college/university level for almost twenty years and has also been a teacher/administrator for an online  Catholic school (elementary – high school) for over a decade.

Dr. O’Brien has been happily married for 27 years to his wife Katie (who also taught in Catholic schools)  and has four children; three of whom are now in college and the youngest in high school.  He owns three rescue dogs; two pit bulls and a barky chihuahua who peacefully coexist.  He has spent many summer days in New Hampshire and always wanted to live in the Granite State.

Dr. O’Brien is also the author of Blackrobe in Blue, the biography of a Jesuit naval chaplain in World War II.  





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