Admissions Process

The Road that Makes All the Difference
The Road that Makes All the Difference

New Hampshire’s poet, Robert Frost, whose farm is just a few miles outside of Litchfield, wrote a famous poem about the significance of a choice that a person makes when the road divides. The figure in Frost’s poem takes the road less traveled by and when thinking back, he or she utters, “that has made all the difference.”

For 39 years and counting, Saint Francis of Assisi School continues to make all the difference. Our school, rich in community, offers a unique education; one that takes into account the whole person. At St. Francis School, students receive a rigorous curriculum and a strong formation in the Catholic Faith.

Below is a road map through the admission’s process, but do not be afraid to stop and ask directions along the way.

Inquiry and Application

  • We accept students on a rolling basis i.e. when we are full, we start a waitlist
  • Schedule a tour of our school, a shadow day or a meeting by calling the school at (603) 424-3312
  • Complete an Application Form for each child that you wish to enter and submit it to the school office
  • If the student you are applying for is under the care of a Stepparent or Guardian, please submit this form along with the application form


  • Receive notification of your acceptance from the school
  • You will be invited to complete the registration process at that time



  • Complete our Registration Form and submit it to the office with a non-refundable Registration Fee – SFS currently charges $200 per student or $275 per family to register
  • Current students may register before January 30th, registration for new students will be accepted after February 1st
  • Once we receive your registration form and fee, your child(ren)’s space(s) are reserved until it is time to contract for your tuition agreement in May

Tuition, FACTS, Financial Aid and the Supported Rate

St. Francis of Assisi School is dedicated to ensuring that all families – regardless of their religious beliefs – receive a Catholic education. We work hard to keep our tuition rate low and to offer as much financial aid as possible. Please know that we care about you, your family and your unique situation. If money is an issue, please let us know by applying for financial aid through FACTS and (if applicable) completing the Supported Student Form.

  • Please see our Tuition Rates
  • All current and new families must pay their tuition through FACTS, please visit our school site to register
  • St. Francis School utilizes the FACTS Financial Aid Application. This application is one part in the process; awards are made at the school’s discretion on a first come, first served basis. Thus, there is no strict deadline to apply.
  • Catholics may apply for a discount by having their pastor sign the Supported Student Form.
  • Receive and sign your tuition agreement

Before school starts, each child must meet all the Medical Requirements for the State of New Hampshire or have a completed religious exemption form.

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