St. Francis of Assisi School strives to keep tuition as low as possible. However, each year we need to make up the deficit between what we receive in tuition and fees per student ($5,300), and what it actually costs to educate each child ($6,936). In order to meet our budget, St. Francis School offers several meaningful fundraising opportunities by which families can help cover a portion of the difference between what they have been charged and the actual cost. To make headway in covering this shortage, each family is required to fundraise $350 over the course of the school year.

Here are the only two ways to meet your $350 Family Obligation:

Option 1
Families make either a one-time “$350 buyout” payment to the school or they add it to their monthly FACTS account that spreads the payments out. The deadline for this option is September 5,2018. This is a discounted rate because the money is coming directly to the school with no money allotted for prizes or marketing.

Please Note: families that buyout are not eligible – simply because they have bought out –  for the same fundraising incentives if they choose not to seek pledges for the Walkathon,  sell Christmas calendars or raffle tickets.

Option 2
Families fund raise for Saint Francis School’s three most successful fundraisers, the Fall Walkathon, Christmas Calendar Raffle and a Spring Hooley Raffle Tickets. 80% of the pledges raised will be credited towards the Family Contribution. Please note that 20% of what you raise throughout the year goes towards administering, planning and tracking each fundraiser.

  • Gather Pledges in $10 increments for the Walkathon
  • Sell $5 Christmas Calendars
  • Sell $10 Spring Hooley Raffle Tickets

If parents are unable to meet their obligation for whatever reason, they will be billed in April 2018 for $350 less the amount they did raise. Families that choose not to buy out or participate in any Fundraising will be charged $450 with their April FACTS payment.

Please note: only Walkathon pledges, Christmas Calendars and Spring Hooley Raffle Tickets count towards meeting the fundraising family obligation.

We will do the work for you! Families who choose this option will receive an email from the Business Manager after each fundraiser – in turn, families are always able to check their balance with the school.

In your charity: Please keep in mind that we are not asking you to make up the entire difference between tuition and actual costs as outlined above. We have instituted this system because it’s a reasonable start and the school will now count on your obligation.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Other Fundraisers

Information to come…..

Parent Activities Council fundraisers

Read-a-thon & Uniform Resales

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