Irish Hooley

Hoo·ley (pronounced ˈhülē): an Irish party usually with music

This is an important fundraiser for our school. There are three ways that you can help support it. The first way is by attending the Hooley. We’d love to have your family join us!

The second way to support the school is by selling 10 Hooley Raffle Tickets. These sell for $10 each and prizes of $500, $250 and $150 will be drawn at the Hooley dinner. Internally, as a school, we will run a contest to see which family sells the most raffle tickets. To further encourage participation, the family that sells the most raffle tickets will receive a full credit of their registration fee.

The third way of supporting your school would be to arrange a donation that we could use as an auction item.

Let’s support our wonderful school!


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