Our 2017-2018 SFS Student Handbook will answer most discipline and school policy questions. However, please feel free to contact us with specific questions. We’re here to help!

School Uniforms

Students wear three uniforms; Gym Uniform on Monday, Dress Uniform for All School Mass on Wednesday and Regular Uniform for every other day. Here is an overview of our Uniform Policy: 2018-2019 Boys Uniform & 2018 -2019 Girls Uniform.

Purchase new Uniforms from Land’s End (School Number: 900136813). Keep in mind there are clothes for proud parents and grandparents too!

Uniform ReSale: we have a limited supply of used uniforms. These are sold by our wonderful Parent Activities Council (PAC).  Our next Uniform ReSale is:

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 from 2 -6 in the Church Gathering Space.

School Supplies

Official School Supplies List for Preschool through Grade 2

Official School Supplies List for Grades 3 through 6

Please Note: Rather than increasing tuition further, our Book and Materials Fee covers supplies that are deemed as general shared expenses. Money from this fee goes into a general account to be used for the common good. Expenses that are covered by this fee include: all shared curriculum and technology materials, upkeep of our classrooms, tools that support learning and classroom supplies for our teachers and all materials used by our Specialists.

Official Calendar

Add the SFS School Calendar to your calendar: Google School Calendar.

Note: our online calendar has the most information and is the most up-to-date.

However, for a PDF of vacation days, download our 2018-2019 School Calendar

Tuition & Financial Aid

All current rates and charges are here.

All payments and financial aid are handled through FACTS, please register.

Call or email our Business Manger, Mrs. Christina Garand, if you have questions.


Order Lunches

St. Francis School serves catered lunches Monday – Thursday and pizza every Friday. To order lunches, please register for an account

For more help, see this tutorial (it’s a little outdated).

Dismissal Procedures

Before School Care is available from 7:00 to 7:30 am and After School Care is available from 2:50 to 5:45 pm.

Early Dismissal at 11:30 AM for PreSchool and PreKindergarten

Please park your car and pick your child up at the front doors of our school. Our teachers will release your child directly to you.

Regular Dismissal at 2:40 PM (also followed on half days)

  • As you are driving down St. Francis Way, you will come to a fork directly in front of the Church. Bear Left. Proceed around the perimeter of the parking lot staying to the LEFT (toward the dumpsters). The first car in line will stop in front of the cones; subsequent cars will line up behind the first car along the guard rail.
  • At 2:40 PM, Mrs. Cindy Lynch, our second grade teacher, will remove the orange cones and start the pick up-procedures. If she does not recognize your car, she will be asking for the Family Name.
  •  To make things run smoother, your child will receive a Family Name Placard. Please display your Family Name in your front passenger window.
  • Mrs. Lynch allows 7-8 cars in at a time. When pulling up to the front of the building, please pull forward to the flagpole and stay as close to the sidewalk as you can.
  • After all the cars have stopped, the school will release your children. Please leave one-by-one – i.e. DO NOT PASS.
  • You are welcome to park and pick up your child at the front doors, but please be advised that you will need to wait until you have a clear exit from the Left parking lot before leaving.

After School Group (ASG) Dismissal between 2:50 PM and 5:45 PM

Please park your car and ring the bell at the front doors of our school. The After School staff will require you to sign your child out.

Bus Service for Litchfield Residents

The Litchfield School District provides school bus transportation for all Litchfield Residents in Grades K – 6.  Please contact the school office by phone or email if you wish your child to ride the bus.

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