Tuition & Fee Schedule


Morning Only Session

11:30 a.m. Dismissal

Full Day Session

2:40 p.m. Dismissal

3 Day Program        (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)



5 Day Program




Sponsored Rate 1-6 Non-Sponsored Rate 1-6
and Kindergarten


on FACTS 11-month payment plan


on FACTS 11-month payment plan

*To receive the sponsored rate, you must complete the Supported Student Form and have it approved by your pastor.  Forms are due to the office by March 15th prior to the beginning of the next school year.

NOTE: PreSchool, PRE-K and K are not eligible for the Sponsored Tuition Rate.

Sponsored Siblings Rate Non-Sponsored Siblings Rate K-6
  •  2 Children: $7,416
    ($1000 off)
  • 3 Children: $10,624
    ($2000 off)
  • 4 Children: $13,332
    ($3500 off)
  • 2 Children: $9,600
    ($1000 off)
  • 3 Children: $13,900
    ($2000 off)
  • 4 Children: $17,700
    ($3500 off)


Before School Care (beginning at 7:00 am – 7:30 am.) and After School Group (2:50 pm –  6:00 pm) are available at these rates:

  • Before School Care: Annual Rate of $351 and a per diem rate of $5
  • After School Group: Annual Rate of $2238 and a per diem rate of $21


  • A Book & Material Fee of $175 per child applies to all students.
  • Registration Fee of $200 per child or $275 per family will apply to all.
  • Fundraising Buy-out is available for $350 per family (optional) and payable by the first day of school. Please see here for more details.
  • Band is available for a fee of $225 per child in Grades 3-6. This fee can be added to FACTS.


  • FACTS Tuition Management is our chosen vehicle for tuition payments: a $41 per family enrollment fee applies to monthly enrollments. A $10 fee applies to semi-annual enrollments and no fee applies to pay in full enrollments.
  • St. Francis School utilizes the FACTS Financial Aid Application. This application is one part in the process; awards are made at the school’s discretion on a first come, first served basis. Thus, there is no strict deadline to apply.

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